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Race Night Fundraising

On Saturday 1st April the Relate Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Team, family and Friends…were under starters orders and they were off!!!! Rather than hay and water the supporters of the event tucked into pie and peas to add to the fun of the evening and the “race track ” was at Loundsley Green Community Hall.

To add extra fun a raffle took place which also added to the monies raised.

In total 1,600 was added to the funds to support young people in Chesterfield.

Staff members, friends and family sponsored races, horses ( with some very creative names), then those who attended the event placed bets. The group cheered their horses on to win their prize money.

A big thank you goes out to all who sponsored a race, a horse, those who bought tickets and attended and placed bets , the staff who made the event happen , Josh Ludlum from the Co-op and of course Richard Fidler and his team who gave their time for free to help raise the funds.