Important Information


Relate counselling is a private and confidential form of help. We hold information about each of our clients and the counselling they receive in confidence. This means that we will not normally give your name or any information about you to anyone outside the organisation. 

However, there are exceptional cases where Relate might ethically or legally have to give information to relevant authorities, for example if we had reason to believe that someone, especially a child is at serious risk of harm, or to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

If you come with a partner or your family, the counsellor may suggest seeing each of you individually. It is important for you to know that what is said in those individual sessions will be confidential and not shared with your partner or family.


Relate recognises that any Adult or child can be subject to abuse and all allegations
of abuse will always be taken seriously and responded to swiftly in accordance with
Relates procedures.

Code of Ethics and Practice

All Chesterfield Relate counsellors and supervisors are required to comply with the code of ethics and practice that is appropriate to the work they undertake.

Relationship counselling is covered by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice.

Family Counselling is covered by the Association for Family Therapys Code of Ethics and Practice. 

In addition, Chesterfield Relate personnel must comply with Relate’s practice policies and guidance which both complement the external codes and set specific organisational standards for ethical working. 

Please ask your counsellor if you would like to know more about this.

Equality and diversity policy

Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Relate is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all its activities to promote inclusive processes, practices and culture.

  • We will strive to work to eliminate any unlawful or unfair discrimination including direct or indirect discrimination, discrimination by association, discrimination linked to a perceived characteristic, harassment and victimisation.

  • We will remain proactive in taking steps to ensure inclusion and engagement for all the people who work for and with us.

  • We will continue to strive towards a culture that is diverse and inclusive that recognises and develops the potential of all staff and service users.

  • We recognise the business benefits and opportunities of having a diverse community of staff who value one another and realising the contribution they can make to achieving Chesterfield and North Derbyshire’s vision to a future in which healthy relationships are promoted as a basis of a thriving society.

*Under the Equality Act (2010) these are known as “protected characteristics”.

As the policy statement says, it applies to all staff, service users, trustees, volunteers and those with whom we work in partnership.


Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of realising our vision. Our approach to equality and diversity is based on the following principles;

  • Fairness We will work in a way which promotes equality and diversity and which does not discriminate against any of our staff, service users or volunteers.

  • Respect We will work in partnership with staff, service users and volunteers to encourage a culture where all receive respect and can voice their diverse needs, knowing that they will be heard.

  • Honesty We will work to ensure that our practices are transparent and open to scrutiny.

  • Providing opportunity We will work towards a culture where all service users, staff and volunteers have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Expertise and excellence We will work to high standards to ensure that the diverse needs of service users are recognised and met.

Our Commitments

  • To design our services to meet diverse needs.

  • Work with partners to encourage diversity in decision making and developing services through partnerships. 

  • Provide information that is clear, accurate and accessible to all. 

  • Treat all customers positively regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion or age.

  • Respond seriously to, and investigate, complaints of bullying, harassment, discrimination or victimisation.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment, whenever possible, is made at the time of the client registering and making the appointment and further ongoing counselling appointments are paid for in advance.

If the client has difficulty in covering the full amount of the appointment the administration team will consider other ways to cover the costs with smaller payments or by checking eligibility for funding streams.

Cancellations can be made by telephone or by email:

The following notice periods apply;

  • 48 hours or more working days – no penalty and full amount carried forward to next appointment date.
  • Less than 48 hours – no refund.
  • No-shows – no refund.
  • If the cancellation is made by the Counsellor or Centre no charges are incurred by the client and any fee paid in advance will go forward to their next appointment. This would include cancellations due to severe weather conditions.
  • The Centre Manager’s discretion can be used in exceptional circumstances as to whether to enforce the cancellation.

Concurrent Therapy

Upon registration please inform the administration team if you are currently undertaking or on a waiting list for any other therapy.

The assessment will still be offered and the counsellor will make the decision as to whether it is appropriate for you to receive two lots of therapy at the same time (concurrently).